The First Day to the Ends of the Earth

The Sabbath is not Sunday. Humans, influenced by idol worship, began calling Sunday the Sabbath. It’s only one example of how Christianity eventually became anti-Christ.

Today the lies are growing to deceive many who use His name for hate (Matthew 24:24).

Read all of Matthew 24 and 25 as part of this post’s spotlight verse. Read it because it comes with instructions from Jesus to understand what we need to do and how we can do i today in the world described in Matthew 24.

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Give me shelter: Would you have given Ann Frank shelter and tell her family they can’t stay with her?

Author’s note: The target audience for this article is for those, like myself, who identify as Christian. If not, it may not be relevant to you, but I invite you to read it.

If you claim the name, you must accept He is the Living Word. That means you can’t have it both ways when it comes to taking people in no matter the reason, we can’t serve two masters (immoral law and God’s moral Law), and we can’t change his eternally living Word, Jesus.  In other words, if you know Jesus What does this mean? What did Jesus tell us?

How can we as Christians look at immigration matters? This article is not only about refugees. I am talking about anyone who want to come to our home country. Don’t take it from me. Read for yourself what Jesus told us to do.

Jesus said,

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Love is the only engine of survival

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant”  – Robert Louis Stevenson.

“Most people just want to interact in good faith and are blind sighted by people who inject power differentials out of an ego need to feel important. It’s just very useful to be able to distinguish who is operating in good faith and who is exploiting without a sense of responsibility toward others. Abstract philosophy does not give that ability. In a democracy, you change laws you dislike at the ballot box, not via crime. That is true even if you label the laws you dislike as ‘unjust’ or another hyperbole. My ‘position’ is simply that people should comply with the laws and that the usual processes will identify genuine refugee[s] vs would-be economic migrants. The latter have no right to enter other than at our discretion. Let go of your hate, you’ll feel much better for doing so.”

Does this sound like love?