“If I just treat people the way I want to be treated, they will reciprocate” but a small % of humans aren’t like that and see any consideration as weakness and think how to exploit it, and there is no widely promoted defense. Most people just want to interact in good faith and are blind sighted by people who inject power differentials out of an ego need to feel important. It’s just very useful to be able to distinguish who is operating in good faith and who is exploiting without a sense of responsibility toward others.”
[Name withheld for Privacy]

Abstract philosophy does not give that ability. In a democracy, you change laws you dislike at the ballot box, not via crime. That is true even if you label the laws you dislike as “unjust” or another hyperbole. My ‘position’ is simply that people should comply with the laws and that the usual processes will identify genuine refugee’s vs would-be economic migrants. The latter have no right to enter other than at our discretion. Let go of your hate, you’ll feel much better for doing so.” [User Name withheld for Privacy]

Does this sound like love?

That is as perverted a concept of love as claiming Nietzsche said the will to power is all that matters. He really said the will to power is a sign of weakness. It is the will to serve is the real sign of strength – i.e., existentialism (usually misunderstood as much as Christianity). It’s like herding cats to prove you can herd sheep when really all you must do is surrender t the idea it is futile to herd cats.

Welcome to post-modernism – where we navigate through all our past, in the present, while living in the future in our heads.  If we are one of the lucky ones, we may come out the other side with some sense of cultural understanding that helps us live together – often difficult for humans, who get lost in good intentions. We all know where that can lead … or worse, adopting an ism of our very own to take home, name, and pet it. Everyone with good intentions takes up cat herding at some point. Cat herding is a noble pursuit; however, it almost always ends with a disappointing feeling of frustration because those cats just have a mind of their own and won’t listen to anything we ever say. What a mess we become if we follow that path to extinction.  Sure. I am trying to understand people within my accepted limitations that I will never understand fully the life of the other. It is the struggle to not place a crown of bias on issues. The problem is at one point we all wear a crown of bias and perpetuate more systemic problems in an endless cycle of subjective conflicts (in discourse or action).

My naive mind tells me – I’d like to think most people want more “discourse” and less vitriol today. That’s too optimistic because some men just want to watch the world burn because they were damaged somewhere along the way and are in pain, so they need others to feel their pain. For some people they were hurt so badly that feeling pain equals love for them. That is the worst perversion of love. This leads to hate and anger. The world is full of damaged people. Love is not abstract because you can see it in a person’s actions rather than the intent to act. People tell us we should live in justice until we have the political power to change those laws. That means we’d have to obey every law – even unjust immoral law. In other words, those in power say you must tolerate injustice or you are intolerant. Tolerating and tolerance are not the same. We do not have to tolerate hate speech. It is also a right to practice non-violent civil disobedience to address systemic injustice. It is not an argument. It is a logical fallacy statement presented as an argument to tell us we must obey the law of the land. Some laws are bad laws – like segregation or discrimination based on age or gender. So, I can’t diminish something that does not exist. We are not in the same conversation if you are here to tell me to just follow orders. That’s immoral. To obey an immoral law is immoral. Right? That is not a question you need to answer for me. That’s something each of us must confront at some point. At one point we must choose – not choosing is still a chose (e.g., bystanders).  People often feel compelled to rationalize to explain irrational behavior or their adopted ideology. For example, I’m still trying to train my cat and cannot understand why she doesn’t like baths.  Our reason to create a reason is our futile attempt see the “Real” – that which exists beyond our perception. Therefore, we often misunderstand motives of the other because we misunderstand ourselves while we herd our perception toward the (small t) truth.

If you don’t have love you cannot love. So how can you love people and love immoral law? Each of us must make that choice – to accept love and experience it or to reject love and never be able to experience love.  A life without has no meaning and neither does the law. All law originates from law. However, there is only one law of love you will ever need to experience love – Love (capital T) Truth and love everyone – whether they are friends, strangers, or even your worst enemy. If you can do these things, you may start to love (verb) yourself and do some good in an immoral and unjust world.

So, to try to clarify – I don’t know the “Real” why. Most people don’t really understand why they are even interacting. Like right now. We must ask why and never expect to know – just expect to not know. Pretty screwy huh. But the problem is we cannot really “see” each other because we are clouded by our own bias, which makes us all weak when we try to impose our will on the other. If you want true power, surrender the will to power. If you want to win, you must first accept you lost. If you want to be first, you must move to the back of the line. The will to power is simply the law of man. If we love, we don’t need law.

Problem is you can’t learn to love because love must be experienced. That is not the way this world works. That’s why this guy was such a revolutionary and threat to human law. Love is a direct threat to power. Those in power fear love more than anything else because they cannot control love and work very hard to make laws to separate us from love. Love is the greatest threat to power because it cannot be bought, intimidated, threatened, negotiated with, or compromise. It just wants to want to flourish and spread until all power and those in power have nothing. That’s why they create fear.

They don’t want you to love because it threatens their sense of control and place of power in a world they would rather burn than love.

Do good walls make good neighbors? Jesus was a carpenter. He wasn’t a mason.