Should we ban flags to end war? Today we explore flags as the cause of global conflict.

Is it possible the solution to end war and conflict is to eliminate all flags? You may say I’m a dreamer but I bet I’m not the only one.

Just imagine a Utopia of Anarchy without a flag. That would eliminate greed, pursuit of power, hate, divisions and the world wound be as one.

Come back later for more on a world without flags.

It’s later than you think. So here is my modest proposal for your consumption.

Perhaps it’s the struggle for what the flag represents: the proclamation of power and the more flags you have the more flags you can use to proclaim you power.

So, Eddie is correct. If you have a flag, you can claim anything you want.

We decided we should get a flag. The new VI flag will be revealed and with this flag we do declare!

Wait for it. Wait for it.

We will send out a press release once we have a final design. We have no idea when it will be ready for the world. I’m the decider. This could take a while considering in a state of Utopian Anarchy humans avoid each other to prevent the introduction of an invasive concept: ideology. It spreads like honeysuckles. The flowers taste sweet and smell of milk and honey seduces with the promise of peace. Before we notice we have only the honeysuckles and nothing else grows. Bad ideology blocks the light and sucks out the marrow of life until everything is a wasteland for lotus eaters. Everyone has peace but in the conflict lost free will. Indecision in this instance is not an option.

Come back. We sometimes use the Emerson Rule in times of trouble.

-the Author

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