Humans either are the problem or won’t admit there is a problem (or both)

We think we are the poop that doesn’t stink. We look in awe at what we have created. Do you smell that? Close your eyes and smell the air around you. What do to you smell? I don’t care what you think you smell or don’t smell. Don’t tell me we did great things and justify our basic goodness citing inventions, art, or medical advancements. The world is still not a better place and none of these takes stopped our self-destructive nature. They distract us or are used to prolong our life. In some ways it prolongs our suffering and gives us a false view of an improved quality of life. I smell the horses-hit and call bullpoop.

Are we the problem or do we have a problem? It does not matter because our planet heads for hospice and we still can’t admit the problem. What good comes from all of this if we destroy everything while blaming another. Time to own up and admit we have a problem, so we can begin our recovery because we have a disease that is killing whether our behavior caused it over time or it’s just a that is part of the Earth DNA. Even what we call good destroys in the end, such as the word progress.

ball shaped blur close up focusIs it too late for us? Is Earth heading for hospice?

If we look at what we have done with our time here we must admit our only success is creating better ways to kill one another or better methods to consume ourselves to death. Our final legacy will be that we were the best and finding new ways to kill and consume. We have passed the event horizon of being able to save the planet. The planet has decided to save itself. Learn to swim.

What’s the word for a planet killer? Do we have a word? Planetoid? Or is even for possible to kill the Earth before it kills us, the problem. It’s arrogant to believe only humans can save the world. Not everyone adopts the notion. Some are waiting for the miracle to come. While that may happen, and God will come down in a box or our ancient aliens overlords will return to save is, the problem is real, and we are doing nothing because we don’t really want to accept it. We can wish we were working on a solution. It’s like someone who keeps saying they want to quit using but can’t.

The first step is to admit there is a problem. If you don’t think there is a problem you are either in denial, profiting from war and plundering, or just don’t give a damn. Just as when someone is addiction to alcohol or heroin, we must admit we have a problem. Most of us are in denial or have no wish to stop because we want more stuff and we can’t have it unless we keep consuming in a way that we die in denial or apathy. We should add greed. Some just don’t care and want it all.

If you want to admit the problem then we need to be honest with the ones who live in horseshit and are fed bullshit, our children and grandchildren. They are the ones who will have to carry the message to generations. Shake off the dust and stop wasting time on corporate criminals, those who his don’t want to see it, and the one who don’t give a damn and maybe even want to see it burn. Tell then the trust and apologize for being greedy consumers who left them a big pile of shit. Then start talking about how to save this home. Tell them it will not be fast and that they have a responsibility to carry that message on until it is the most important value on the planet. Once that happens, they will not want to murder the Earth. The need to consume to death ends.

However, if we are the problem, it appears the Earth will be just fine because our host is taking care of us like the body fights a virus. If that is the case, we have an even bigger problem than we realized.

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